40 years of experience
Based on the quality and experience, prestige PRODINCO SA It is backed by the full satisfaction of our customers.
The widest range of market recovery boilers and equipment. The most advanced design in the use of thermal energy.
Shipbuilding specialists
Long experience in the implementation of facilities and equipment in the shipbuilding sector with international recognition.

Prodinco, as manufacturer of pressure vessels, has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of water-tube boilers recovery and assisted circulation by centrifugal pump. Built on standardized each with different tube diameters and easy passage of gases engagement with each other modules, allowing at all times adequately project the boiler to the specific process, either for production of STEAM, HOT WATER, WATER SUPERHEATED or THERMAL FLUID ..

Today, the Department of Design and Development Prodinco can offer its customers a variety of options:

  • Configuration as the P & ID's of complete steam
  • Custom configuration of complete plants
  • Setting the distribution of steam installation
  • Preparation of isometric drawings, dimensions and detail
  • Complete preparation of the technical information equipment
  • Software Development, lists and diagrams for installation control

…and much more.

Portable equipment and facilities

Prodinco also has portable plants and boiler water treatment regime "RENT" for steam generation, fully autonomous on container or bed and thoroughly inspected and tested before delivery.

Prodinco has a Technical Service and Maintenance, qualified staff with over 40 years experience and a national park of more than 350 generators running at full satisfaction.

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