Executive team

Since its founding in the 1970s, Prodinco has starred a very important role in European industry, led by renowned engineers have succeeded in developing innovative products that meet the highest standards and technical requirements for the private and public sectors, focusing primarily industrial and naval installations.

Technical team

Our staff caters hastily efforts of our customers and suppliers in a relationship forged over the years and consolidated by the seriousness in fulfilling our mission. We create long-term relationships with our support and advice which often give rise to new projects and facilities.

Management Team

We have a team of highly qualified professionals with which we satisfy our customers throughout our relationship providing products and high quality services that generate confidence in our company.

Technical Service

We have a team of officers and technicians and highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the maintenance of all our equipment and facilities in addition to having the experience accumulated over 35 years as an official service of the Clayton boilers. Immediate availability and international coverage.

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