Engineering, Maintenance and Service. Wide geographical coverage.
Technical Support Servicing Engineering and advice
Rapid Intervention Global Coverage or as Studies / full budgets
Demonstrated effectiveness Full maintenance of boilers Haste in solving
Immediate Availability Replacement Parts Full Development
National Geographic Coverage National Geographic Coverage International Geographical coverage

Project and Design

Over the years PRODINCO has developed because of its experience a great reputation in the design and construction of facilities full steam.
Currently, the project departament PRODINCO design and can offer its customers the following:

  • Custom Settings identification process diagrams of full-steam (P & ID).
  • Layots installation.
  • Preparation of isometrics.
  • detailed list making instruments.
  • Detailed drawings, logic processing and connection diagrams.
  • Preparation of quality control programs; complete traceability. Authorized Inspection Agencies (AIA)
  • Intervention programs, etc.
  • Development, licenses, legalization of projects, obtaining all necessary permits on site.
  • Certificates facilities "Category EIP-2" with the control entities.