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  • Portable Plants Fully assembled and installed steam, mounted above the bed or in closed container.
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions, for very small or confined spaces and marine facilities.
  • Reduced installation costs and saving space is a result of specifying a portable steam.
  • The installation of a portable plant involves a small share of technical and maintenance staff.
  • Minimum floor space; a quarter of a conventional boiler installation.
  • are fully automatic ready to respond instantly to changing load demands.
  • The different configurations of the portable plants can incorporate all necessary components.

    Features and advantages:

    • Design customizable, compact and easily transportable.
    • High thermal efficiency and minimum energy storage.
    • Contents under water.
    • Quick Start.
    • Fully automatic.
    • Immediate response by consumer demand.
    • Versatility in the fuel.
    • No risk of explosion.
    • Easy to clean.
    • High heat transfer.
    • Low sooting.
    • No water level in the boiler.
    • Availability.
    • Short Lead.

      Main components: Basic notebook Plant .
      • Steam boiler with or without economizer, with oil burner, natural gas, biogas or propane.
      • Positive displacement pump to feed water to the boiler.
      • Domo separator water / steam.
      • Fuel tank daily consumption or gas ramp.
      • Manual cleaning system by blowing steam soot.
      • supply tank water softener and dosing chemicals.
      • tank purging and sampling cooler.
      • electrical power and control box with PLC.

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