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The steam boilers light series PC-L type are the design of shell boiler with two steps of gases in the furnace tube and the third pass through the tube bundle smoke, making the trip from the front plate to the back plate , ending in a smoke box and out the chimney mouth.

The reversals of gases and tube sheets are perfectly recordable through hinged door on the front and screwed back case registration.

Next water access is by means of manhole located in upper body bisector and large diameter tubing, and deployed in bisector backplane, allowing easy cleaning of sludge.

Combustion takes place in a home generously sized, fully water-cooled, allowing you to keep in any load condition, excellent overall heat transfer coefficient.

The set is supplied as monobloc compact package type, thermally insulated blanket fiberglass high density and mechanical protection with lacquered veneer finish, parts and accessories for hydraulic interconnections operation and electrically, and all this sits on freestanding metal bench. This set includes the following basic elements:

BODY PRESSURE The boiler body is cylindrical, horizontal arrangement. Built in steel H-II according to DIN-17155.

The tube bundle is constructed of smooth straight pipes seamless drawn steel DIN-17175 St.35.8.1, tubing St.37.0 DIN-1629, PN-16 flanges to DIN 2633 c / 22.8. All it designed under UNE-9300 and in accordance with the RAP

The boiler, after completing testing and regulatory checks, delivered by attaching a file quality control certificate associated organization, if applicable, and hydraulic testing ring to allow legalization.


The C / M of our products, corresponds to a steam boiler fire-tube gas four-step investment and posterior chamber entirely water cooled.

The boiler body, made up of a cylindrical body horizontal arrangement, internally incorporates a generously sized home (where combustion takes place) extending to the firebox, or camera inward investment, fully cooled by water, this rotate the gases to the second step, formed by a tubular beam, which runs to the front of the boiler, where again the gases change their direction between the front plate and an outer chamber, entering another tube bundle (3rd step) to the back boiler plate where his journey ends in a smoke box. The fourth common step on the water side is independent on the gas side and is intended to gases from two diesel engines for heat recovery.

Access to the pressure body (fume side), is performed by two doors in the front chamber of easy opening, and at the rear, by a removable cover (where the peephole combustion is located) incorporated into the firebox and gas outlet chamber, equipped with safety diaphragm and the flange for adaptation stack. Regarding access to the water side it is performed through the manhole, at the top bisecting the body and large diameter tubing at the bottom bisector and backplate, to facilitate cleaning of possible accumulation of sludge.

The complete, lagging and with all accessories attached together, it sits on a bench and stand firm, solid construction, supplied as a compact unit, ready to become operational, after making the connections to the corresponding installation.

The boiler, once made the tests and legal regulations and checks a collaborative organization of the Administration, is delivered by attaching a "Quality Control Record" containing all the certificates and results obtained to allow legalization.
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