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Compact modules and autonomous production and / or storage of hot water by heat exchange and water vapor.

Completely pre-assembled to place them in your location without any complications installation with all its inter-hydraulic components and interconnections electrically each to operate.

Made entirely of stainless steel above the bed for easy transport.

We also manufacture modules for Industrial Hot Water production, production and storage of hot water heating.

Main components and accessories modules:

  • water storage tank in Ac. Stainless.
  • water storage tank in Ac. Stainless.
  • Switchboard force, monitoring and control.
  • Safety Thermostats.
  • Temperature probes.
  • Thermometers.
  • gauges.
  • Changing steam / water heat.
  • Pressure reducing valve steam.
  • Automatic steam control valve.
  • Pressure safety.
  • steam safety valve.
  • accelerator pumps water in Ac. Stainless.
  • centrifugal pumps for return circuits.
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