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The manifold assembly is of mechano-welded design, consisting of a cylindrical housing in a "T" or rectangular, designed to support all static and dynamic own efforts operation. Furthermore, the set of hosts all component parts of the closing mechanism. They are available in three light series "L" heavy "H" depending on the temperature. The three-way housing flanges have coupling conduit, dilators, etc.
  • The closure member is formed by cylindrical or rectangular discs (butterflies) which oscillate about two endowed axes articulation bushes mounted on consoles support subject to the housing itself apart for cooling .
  • The tightness of the steps of the axes is achieved by stuffing the system with special gasket for high temperatures .
  • The butterfly disc tightness is achieved through profiles of top soldiers inside casing on the entire perimeter of the disk is supported .
  • In executions of two butterflies (disks) are jointly interlocked through a mechanism of connecting rods with ball joints at the ends, so that the movement of any of them acting upon the other and the primary drive movement can be linear or rotary. The opening and closing maneuver can be performed on demand by tire or Electric Motor Piston, and action may be:
    • ALL / OFF.
    • PROPORTIONAL, in this case via 4-20 mA or 0-10VDC On request, the facility provides a set of end adjustable end positions for signaling career.
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