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Modules boiler feed pumps water
They are of the positive displacement type (intermittent suction action-plenum). The flow rate varies substantially linearly with the crankshaft speed or number of pistonadas. The working pressure has little effect on the final flow. Essentially it consists of two parts separated by diaphragms. Hydraulics, oil flooded, is formed by block, crankshaft mechanisms, rods and pistons, the hydraulic chambers, etc. Part of water pump itself is formed by the upper valve body, the spacer tube and the lower body of diaphragms.

Usually they have two or four outputs like flow, depending on the type of boiler. They are responsible for forcing the flow of water through the boiler to the steam dome or steam separator. Its volume depends on the rotation speed of the crankshaft and higher flow often equipped with variable speed controlled by a PLC so that the mass of feed water is always proportional to the workload boiler, ie the final steam production.

Pulse dampeners have the inlet and outlet thereof for laminar water flow, also of safety valves to protect the pump.
The crankshaft rotation causes the pistons to pump hydraulic fluid through the conduit to the chamber by deforming the diaphragm portion of the water pump. The water contained in this part, pressure increases the valve opening and closing the intake valve, thus the water is pumped to the boiler intermittently.

When the piston rises by the rotation of the crankshaft, the diaphragm returns to its rest position by the action of the spring, the water pressure of the water pump becomes negative and opens the suction valve closes the valve download and fill the entire body of fresh water; next half rotation of the crankshaft, the cycle is repeated for each piston.

The upper valve body inlet / outlet water is separated from the lower body aperture for the intermediate pipe, so that the temperature of water in contact with the diaphragm is always lower than the water temperature of pumping. This circumstance allows to work with feedwater temperatures above 180C. And also for extreme cases, the lower diaphragm body may be equipped with external water cooling system.
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