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Treatment System Description:

The boiler feed water and the water supply system must meet certain chemical conditions sufficient to ensure continuous operation of the boiler without deterioration by corrosion, fouling, trawls water, etc. and at least it will be as indicated in accordance with current regulations UNE-9-075. The water supply is one of the most important issues affecting steam boilers, both in life and in its operation.

The natural waters contain the following impurities:

- Dissolved gases (carbon dioxide, oxygen, etc.)
- Compounds minerals (calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, etc.)
- Inorganic particles suspended.
- Organic substances sometimes.

These impurities can cause three types of incidents:

- Fouling: On the heating surfaces like home, plates, tubes, etc ...
- Corrosion: chemical attacks on the walls, especially in areas of low water circulation.
- Haul: From water to steam leaving the boiler.

You can prevent these incidents :

- Eliminating harmful substances contained in the water.
- Adding water to reagents capable of converting these into harmless substances soluble.
- Thoroughly and in detail each day controlling the feedwater quality and boiler.

If you want to PRODINCO S.A. check the results of your treatment, you can send water samples to our laboratory associated with the clear indication of the sampling point, date, time, pressure of the boiler. The direction of the associated laboratory is: EACAI S.A. (LAB-PRODINCO) Avd. Ragull, 52 Polygon Can Magí - 08190-Sant Cugat del Valles (BARCELONA) http: // currently have customized plans situ technical assistance and supply of reagents for the treatment of boiler water. For more information please contact us

Softeners: To protect the investment of our customers, PRODINCO has developed a very successful water treatment system designed especially for our boilers. One of these teams is single or double softener water to power 900 m3hºF exchange between regeneration and automatic operation and counter equipped volumetric water up to 40 m3 / h, with one or two bottles of resin are changed automatically when one of them must be regenerated.

Dosing of reagents:
PRODINCO along with its associated laboratory have developed a very successful reagent dosing system designed especially for our boilers. This system is mainly based on polyethylene food reservoirs where they are deposited and disolucionan reagents and a type electromagnetic metering pumps for proper dosage.
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