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In an installation with semi-closed system, the condensate return pressure returns to deposit called flash vessel. Flash steam tank also serves as feed water tank to the steam generators.

The condensate returns with positive differential pressure between the vapor pressure and flash steam pressure tank. The intent of a semi-closed system is heat conservation. The system ensures more than 50% of the steam can be recovered as condensate and return to the boiler to be used again.

The make-up water for the system is preheated in an atmospheric tank and then pumped to desgasificarlo tank flash steam. The remaining oxygen in the water will be neutralized by adding chemical in the tank return.

The flash steam tank pressure must be below the lowest vapor pressure established in the process.

  • Steam Trap
  • Safety valves
  • Reducing vapor pressure
  • Visual level
  • electro-magnetic level
  • Gauge
  • Thermometer
  • vent line